It’s no secret that the tech world moves quickly. In fact, in 2018 the UK digital sector grew faster than the economy! This means that staying on top of trends is vital for tech companies who want to grow and remain competitive.

Here are three trends to look out for in the next few months:


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Whilst 5G brings the obvious benefit of faster and more reliable connectivity, it has the potential to do so much more. The medical field can benefit hugely, as consultations can be carried out online, saving time and money. There’s also the potential for paramedics to use 5G to access a patient’s medical records, as well as video call specialists whilst on route to the hospital. 5G will also speed up the development and implementation of driverless transport, making our roads safer and more efficient.

Aside from helping solve large scale problems, 5G will also benefit the general public. It will help conserve battery life as it uses less power, and it will also ensure more reliable connectivity for homes and businesses.

Birmingham has been chosen as the first city in the UK to receive 5G, and the benefits it could bring the region are astounding.

AR and VR

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Although augmented and virtual reality have been buzzwords in the tech world for a while now, they are still a trend to watch. An increase in user-friendly software, such as Amazon Sumerian, means that you don’t have to be a skilled programmer to create high-quality AR and VR experiences. This means that AR and VR are likely to become commonplace in the near future, with countless firms testing the potential for their use in education, training, medicine, tourism and much more. With AR and VR, the possibilities are pretty much endless.


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‘Buy now, pay later’ app Klarna has recently won the title of largest private fintech company in Europe, with a valuation of $5.5bn.

Fintech makes it much easier to set up and run small businesses. Crowdfunding campaigns remove the need to win over investors, and mobile payments mean you never even have to see your customers. The days where fintech was limited to the financial services sector are long gone, and EY found that 64% of global consumers use fintech regularly to make payments or transfer money.

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Holly B

Holly B

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