There are so many successful and innovative tech businesses in Brum, and Birmingham Tech Week is about putting them on the map. It gives businesses the chance to see what other tech companies in the city are up to, as well as the opportunity to show them what you can do. The week is going to be a hotspot for collaboration, networking and learning, and we can’t wait! There are loads of ways to get involved throughout the week – here are just a few:

Host an event

Host an Event

Arguably, the best way to get involved in Birmingham Tech Week is by hosting an event. The event can be about anything you want, whether that be what your company has done to contribute to the tech sector in Birmingham, or something that you are passionate about. It is a fantastic opportunity to let the entire region know who you are and what you do.

We’ve got everything from events focused on networking, to company specific talks covering a huge range of topics. The sky’s the limit in terms of what you can do, and you can let us know if you want to host one here

Encourage employees to visit

Encourage Employees to Visit

The tech industry is full of talented people who are hungry to grow and develop. Tech Week can give employees access to the contacts and resources that let them do that. Research suggests that employees come away from industry conferences feeling refreshed and inspired, which will only benefit your business. Plus, they are representing you and getting the company out there and into the local tech world. They might come back with an idea for the next great tech development!

Engage on social media

Engage Social Media

Maybe you’re fully booked that week and can’t get to any of the events, or perhaps you aren’t located near Birmingham but you still want to see what’s going on. Don’t worry, you can keep up with everything that’s going on via Twitter.

Alternatively, if there’s an event you really wanted to go to but couldn’t make, Tweet the host company asking for an overview of what went on. Not only are you connecting and collaborating with another business, you are engaging with Tech Week, even if virtually!

Birmingham Tech Week aims to celebrate the growth, diversity and innovation that drives Birmingham, whilst promoting collaboration within the city’s tech scene. These trends, plus many more will be covered at talks and events throughout the week. Visit our website for more information.

Holly B

Holly B

Holly is contributing to Birmingham Tech Week's content for the second time. She enjoys running, reading and spending time with family and friends.