Despite being the UK’s second city, it’s pretty easy for Birmingham to fly under the radar. London is generally considered to not only be the tourism capital, but also the business capital of Britain. With this comes the assumption that you are more likely to succeed if you set up there.

Although there are benefits to operating in London, we think there is also a pretty strong case for working in Birmingham too, especially within the tech industry. Here’s why:

It has great tech prospects

Use of technology to support upcoming tech developments

We already know that the West Midlands is going to be the first region to receive 5G, but there are also a number of other upcoming tech developments in the area. Driverless cars will be tested on the streets of Birmingham and Coventry, aiming to give residents early access to more economical modes of transportation. On top of this, more and more ‘innovation labs’ are opening all over the city, encouraging and supporting budding entrepreneurs through the early stages of their ventures.

It appears that having the second largest tech sector in the UK hasn’t gone unnoticed by business leaders, and that investment in Birmingham is likely to keep coming.

It’s been dubbed ‘the next Silicon Valley’

Skyline of California supporting Birmingham as 'the next Silicon Valley'

Birmingham’s ‘Silicon Canal’ refers to the flourishing tech scene in the city, which has been compared to California’s Silicon Valley in its early stages. Increasingly tech startups are choosing the area to set up shop, with over 6,000 calling Brum their home. Many of these are incredibly renowned and successful organisations, and this success is causing more interest in Birmingham as both a tech hub, and a great city for entrepreneurs.

It’s cheaper

Woman handling money supporting text of cost of Birmingham's cost in comparison to London

London is expensive, that’s a given, but some of the price differences between the two cities are staggering!

It is around 50% cheaper to rent in Birmingham than in London, and for startups looking for their first premises, this saving could be the difference between surviving and not. It’s also 50% cheaper to hire employees than in London, meaning firms have more money to invest in their growth, and the development of their people. Plus, if you do have to go down to London for a meeting, the commute by train is only an hour and a half.

Birmingham Tech Week gives visitors the chance to explore the array of leisure and tourism attractions around the city and throughout the West Midlands.

Birmingham Tech Week aims to celebrate the growth, diversity and innovation that drives Birmingham, whilst promoting collaboration within the city’s tech scene. These trends, plus many more will be covered at talks and events throughout the week. Visit our website for more information.

Holly Botterill

Holly Botterill

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