Tired of Birmingham’s tech successes going unnoticed, Yiannis Maos created Birmingham Tech Week. We asked him why think Birmingham’s tech scene is so exciting, and what he hopes the inaugural week will achieve.

So, why did you create Birmingham Tech Week?

“If I’m honest, it came out of frustration at the lack of collaboration around the tech scene in Birmingham. Furthermore, I feel we should be proud at what’s going on in Birmingham, but we seem afraid to shout about it. Initially I had a moan but quickly realised I would just be part of the problem, so I set up Birmingham Tech Week to showcase what’s going on, encourage people to collaborate and create something that people could rally around.”

What is your main aim for the week?

“I want young people to look at what’s going on and be inspired to embark on an amazing career in tech. It would be great to look back in 20 years and have the next Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk or Del Harvey be born and bred in Birmingham.”

What are you most looking forward to?

“That’s a really hard question as of course I’m looking forward to all of it but more than anything I’m looking forward to seeing people come together to discuss, debate and celebrate our diverse, young and growing tech scene.”

In your opinion, what makes Birmingham’s Tech Scene so special?

“We have one of the youngest and most diverse workforces in the UK and this helps us to be creative, innovative and unique in our approach to technology. This is evident in the number of tech startups in the City but we need to ensure they have the best chance of succeeding and this requires more investment and a better infrastructure than we currently have. Hopefully the week can help drive this change.”

Finally, why should people attend and engage with Birmingham Tech Week?

“We can’t do this alone, my belief is this should be run by the Birmingham tech community for the Birmingham tech community. Therefore, we need people to step up, lean in and get involved – only then will we start to see the change we all want. People can help in a number of ways, whether that’s through volunteering, putting on an event, attending or simply helping to spread the word.”

“Birmingham has a fantastic opportunity to be a Tech City we can all be proud of. However, before that’s achievable, we need to sort out some of the issues we have. First, we need to stop talking about collaboration and start doing it; working with each other, sharing insights and being proud of some of the amazing things we’ve collectively achieved. We then need to create an environment where we all have the best chance of succeeding. To do this, we need to inspire the next generation, attract investment, nurture businesses with high-growth potential and turn our existing talent into the leaders of tomorrow. Birmingham Tech Week was set-up to be the catalyst for this change; we won’t change things on our own but hopefully, we’ll demonstrate what is possible and in doing so change hearts and minds.”

Birmingham Tech Week aims to celebrate the growth, diversity and innovation that drives Birmingham, whilst promoting collaboration within the city’s tech scene. These trends, plus many more will be covered at talks and events throughout the week. Visit our website for more information.

Holly B

Holly B

Holly is contributing to Birmingham Tech Week's content for the second time. She enjoys running, reading and spending time with family and friends.