The youngest city in Europe, Birmingham produces the most inventions per year, with nearly 65% registered coming from the Birmingham area. Birmingham Tech Week will unite and further empower innovative companies by hosting a week of events dedicated to showcasing its talented and creative tech community made up of established companies, startups, agencies and charities.

Taking place from Oct 7th – 13th, the week has been formed to highlight the burgeoning tech scene and will form the umbrella to more than 50 events happening across the city during the 5 days of Birmingham Tech Week. For many years, Birmingham has been fighting the perception of siloed technology offerings, rarely enjoying collaboration and success stories.

Events include 300-person attended digital product conference Canvas that has brought many tech companies to the city in its 8 year history including Netflix, Spotify, Citymapper and even NASA, Customer advocacy conference AdvoFest and Barclay’s Eagle Labs AI Summit 2019.

Birmingham Tech Week will touch on many different themes and topics that range from AI to voice, big data, 5G, digital products and about everything else in between.

Birmingham Tech Week founder Yiannis Maos said “Birmingham has a fantastic opportunity to be a Tech City we can all be proud of. However, before that’s achievable, we need to sort out some of the issues we have. First, we need to stop talking about collaboration and start doing it; working with each other, sharing insights and being proud of some of the amazing things we’ve collectively achieved. We then need to create an environment where we all have the best chance of succeeding. To do this, we need to inspire the next generation, attract investment, nurture businesses with high-growth potential and turn our existing talent into the leaders of tomorrow. Birmingham Tech Week was set-up to be the catalyst for this change; we won’t change things on our own but hopefully, we’ll demonstrate what is possible and in doing so change hearts and minds”

The aim of the week is to:

  • Unite all tech sectors through education, promotion and celebration
  • Encourage engagement between students and tech companies to facilitate brand awareness
  • Promote employment opportunities and future partnerships
  • Showcase our diverse range of sectors from gaming to finance
  • Improve communication to expose Birmingham’s tech scene to a wider audience


Originally posted on Downtown in Business:

Yiannis Maos

Yiannis Maos

Yiannis Maos is the Founder of Birmingham Tech Week. He has over 15 years of experience in Tech and was previously UK Chair of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and Head of Marketing at Rant & Rave.