“The careers education landscape is at a pivotal point. Schools need to inform and inspire their students and evidence meeting Gatsby Benchmarks.”

Antony Adams is committed to improving careers education by breaking down barriers to careers engagement. After doing his year 11 work experience at his local jobcentre, Antony decided to work towards becoming a Careers Adviser so that he could help students with their decision making. His company, The Careers Calendar, helps connect students to their futures through an accessible online platform. 

We had a chat with Antony about what we can expect from his Tech Week event; ‘Improving student careers engagement and decision making through technology,’ and what he loves about being part of the Birmingham tech space.

How did you get into the careers education and tech world?

I’ve spent my whole career in the education sector helping students find their path post-education. I know first hand how time-consuming it is for schools to create careers programmes, and how hard it can be for organisations to engage with schools. The Careers Calendar came about because I knew there had to be a way to leverage technology to make careers engagement easier. The platform was born in the Birmingham entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

What can we expect from your event?

The careers education landscape is at a pivotal point. Schools need to inform and inspire their students and evidence meeting Gatsby Benchmarks. At the same time, organisations are increasingly tasked with engaging students for recruitment or CSR efforts. They’re both using outdated methods that are time-consuming and generally ineffective. The session will talk about innovation in student engagement and the role of technology within it. It will address how schools, and organisations such as universities and employers, can use tech to form the mutually beneficial and necessary relationships that will ultimately engage students. 

It will provide the audience with a story they can draw inspiration and information from, and will also be an opportunity to connect with like-minded people. 

Who would benefit from your event?

Anyone in the Careers Education space would benefit, as they can see the role of technology in improving student careers engagement. Also, it would be great to see people from organisations such as universities, colleges or businesses that recruit students. 

But really, anyone with an interest in the journey of a small tech business would benefit. I’ll be sharing insights on the tech, but most importantly I’ll be talking through my tech journey. The thoughts, feelings and experiences that have shaped it so far, and what I hope to do in the future. 

What’s your favourite thing about the Birmingham tech space?

Yiannis and the team have approached this with the intention of building an inclusive community. That is reflected in the board and its activities. Birmingham has a unique opportunity to drive collaboration and innovation to place itself on the world stage. It’s early days but if we move quickly we could be competing with the best cities in the world for tech and standards of living. 

‘Improving student careers engagement and decision making through technology’ is taking place on Tuesday 13th October at 12:45pm. Click here to attend.

Birmingham Tech Week aims to celebrate the growth, diversity and innovation that drives Birmingham. This year, Tech Week is a virtual event, and you can see our full list of events here.


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