“Birmingham is one of the most welcoming and inclusive tech communities in Britain.”

Jof Walters and Simon Jenner are the founders of Million Labs (MLabs), the UK’s leading No-Code experts. MLabs aims to help founders get their business to market using No-Code, which enables them to launch startups at a fraction of the cost in both time and investment. The pair, who met at the very first ‘Entrepreneur’s Meetup’ in Birmingham, were really early spotting this, which has helped them become market leaders. Today, they use No-Code and the Lean Startup Method to deliver MVP, Bootcamps, Incubation and Pre-Seed Funding. They have helped to launch over a hundred startups this year and have made investments in six, and now they are coming to Birmingham Tech Week to share their expertise. 

We spoke to Jof about their event, their business and what they are looking forward to about Birmingham Tech Week 2020. 

Tell us a bit about your Birmingham Tech Week event, what are you most excited about?

We are amazed that No-Code is still a new story for a lot of people in Tech. So our event is an introduction to what No-Code is, what it can achieve and the impact that we are seeing it have in the Startup space. 

We will be performing a few magic tricks during our presentation using No-Code.

What’s your favourite thing about the Birmingham Tech Space?

We have been around the Tech scene for a very long time! Birmingham is one of the most welcoming and inclusive tech communities in Britain.

What are you most looking forward to about Birmingham Tech Week?

The schedule of speakers and events already looks amazing. We are really looking forward to sharing our message and meeting new people too. 

How else can people get involved in No-Code?

You can always join our No-Code founders community for free. We hold events every month and have a great slack channel. It’s also a great place to get funding and launch a startup. Find out more by emailing hello@millionlabs.co.uk

You can join Jof and Simon at ‘The No-Code Startup.’ Their event will be taking place on 12th October at 12:45pm. Click here to sign up (it’s free!)

Birmingham Tech Week aims to celebrate the growth, diversity and innovation that drives Birmingham. This year, Tech Week is a virtual event, and you can see our full list of events here.

Holly Botterill

Holly Botterill

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