brumPHP October: Slim v4.0 / Gov.UK Actionmailer

We’ve moved our October event as part Birmingham Tech Week and are hosting it on a Tuesday this month! We’ve got one talk on Ruby from Stuart Harrison from his work with Gov.UK and welcome back Rob Allen, contributor to Slim Framework as well as Zend Framework and OpenWhisk.

We’ve got 2 great talks, pizza and drinks! Everyone is welcome to come along from 6pm: shout outs to Talis for the space and our sponsors Jump24 for food & drink.

Stuart Harrison: I got an email from the Government the other day

Stuart HarrisonEmail has been around for a long time, predating even the Internet, and despite the best efforts of big tech to monopolise our communications, it’s still the most popular way to for people to communicate online. This ubiquity means it’s a really easy wayfor Government to keep in touch with us, but email is a tricky thing to manage, running mailservers can be a faff, and email as a service solutions can be expensive.

In this talk I’ll go through a potted history of email, talk about a tool that the Government Digital Service have developed to make email easier for Government Agency, and a Ruby gem I’ve build to make it even easier for Rails devs.



Rob Allen: Building websites the PSR-way with Slim 4

Rob AllenSlim 4 is a PHP micro framework that enables you to write powerful web applications and APIs. In this talk, I will show how you can easily write great web sites with it. It takes advantage of many of the FIG group’s PSR standards to allow easy interoperability with a large ecosystem of components.

We will look at how Slim’s middleware system leverages the PSR-15 middleware and request handlers to create easily understandable and flexible applications.

We will cover application setup, routing and the relationship between actions and middleware. Dependency injection is very useful in a modern PHP application and we’ll look at how to integrate any PSR-11 container with Slim ensuring you can decouple your dependencies. By the end of the session, you will be equipped to use the new Slim 4 to create web applications yourself.


Oct 08 2019


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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48 Frederick Street, Birmingham, B1 3HN
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