Tech Week

Birmingham Tech Week is a collaborative series of events taking place across the City (and wider Greater Birmingham Region) between October 7th – 13th 2019.
The week will highlight Birmingham’s burgeoning Tech Scene and focus on a number of innovative topics.

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Featured Events

Canvas Conference returns for its 8th year, sharing the insider stories from product people designing and managing interesting products and services. Enjoy 10 speakers across a day of inspiring product and experience design talks.

AdvoFest is the UK’s largest Customer Advocacy Conference. Learn how to empower, inspire and engage advocates that help you grow faster and achieve more.

Barclay’s Eagle Labs presents – Birmingham’s Artificial Intelligence Summit 2019. The event will see the regions AI experts come together to discuss, debate and deliver insight.

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We believe in collaboration and would like to hear from any organisation that would like to host and run an event during Birmingham Tech Week.

Why Birmingham Tech Week is important

For far too long Birmingham’s Tech scene has operated in silos, we talk about collaboration but this is rarely seen. This week is about celebrating our diverse, innovative and growing City, and showing the world why we should be seen as the first choice for setting up, scaling and investing in technology companies.

Tech City

Put Birmingham (and the wider region) firmly on the global Tech map

Showcase Local Companies

Give Birmingham Tech companies a Platform to showcase their innovation

A Platform for Growth

Encourage further investment in the City

Destination for Talent

Attract talent from further afield

#1 Tech Choice

Get established brands to consider Birmingham as their home

Enjoy Brum

Showcase Birmingham as a leisure and tourism destination