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Date: Tuesday October 22nd  |  Time: 09:00 – 16:00  |  Location: The Exchange

Digital Skills Symposium

Narrowing the digital skills gap

The digital skills gap continues to widen, the ‘great resignation’ continues and tech recruitment remains fiercely competitive. This event will provide expertise in how to attract, recruit, retain and develop digital talent within a growing organisation.

Creating talent for a future world

Our Speakers from 2023

Victoria Pargetter-Garner
Assistant Director (Business Engagement & Research Impact)

Suzie Branch-Haddow
Vice Principal (
External Development)

Rebecca Riley
Associate Professor and Co-Director (Enterprise, Engagement and Impact)

Nicola Wilkins
Academic Director for Digital Education and Equity

Stephen Paterson
Chief of Tech Evolution & People

Richard Bovey
Club Executive

Jack Tasker
Business Engagement Partner

Martin Ward
West Midlands Tech Commissioner

Tony Randle
Partner & Head of Client Strategy

Mikayla Sinead
Community Manager

Monica Todd
Product Principal

Stephanie Burras

Harriet Perks
Academy and Onboarding Lead

Suneal Ram Kissun
Social Impact Partnerships Manager

Richard Kuti
Inclusion Lead

Claire Ross
Director of DE&I